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Try these proven steps to reactivate your thyroid gland

Have you been searching for a way to reactivate your thyroid gland? 

An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is a problem that plagues many people.  Your thyroid’s job is to make hormones and regulate your body temperature. When it’s not working properly, it can produce fatigue and other health issues.

What causes an underactive thyroid?

Generally, the culprits are poor lifestyle, such as eating unhealthy foods and not exercising enough.  But this may not mean the end of the world – it means you can make changes to help yourself.  This article outlines six tips to help you get your thyroid going again:

1.  Change your diet
Your eating habits play a huge role in having an inactive thyroid. Keeping your metabolism going is important, and for this reason you want to focus on foods that are easy to digest.

Nothing slows the metabolism down more than difficult to absorb, heavy foods.  Focus on high water content foods, like raw fruits and vegetables. They are the easiest foods to digest, and will give also you more energy.

2.  Eat more frequently.
Aim for at least four to six meals a day, instead of the “usual” three. Try to space them no more than three to four hours apart.  Keeping your metabolism working consistently is one of the best ways to improve its’ performance. Do not let it come to a crashing halt.

What about protein?
High protein content foods are often the hardest for the body to digest because of their low water content. For this reason, you want to focus on fish, nuts and egg whites and whole grains. Stay away from refined grains.

3.  Drink lots of water
This will help clean your system, and in turn will help your underactive thyroid and digestive system to work faster.

4.  Take herbs
There are many herbs found in your local store that will make a difference in boosting your hormonal output. However, if you have allergies, be sure to make your selection accordingly.  Some of them can cause allergies to flare up.

What are the best herbs to use?
Some of the better ones are St John’s Wort, kelp, black cohosh, bladerwrack, and cayenne. You should start supplementing your diet with these.

5.  Exercise vigorously
Intense exercise has proven to have great effects on hormonal output. Quite simply, while slow jogging and lower intensity workouts are better than nothing, they don’t compare with vigorous exercising, which skyrockets your hormonal output. 

The bottom line: Simple diet and exercise changes are what are going to make the biggest different with your hypothyroidism.  Implement these six tips, and you will see results shortly.

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  1. Wendy Opperman says:

    Hi I would like to know how to reactivate your thyroid once you had Radio active Iodine?

  2. Ravi Raval says:

    Hey peoples out there this is the perfect step by step process to reactivate your thyroid gland and it’s really really helpful. Just try these.

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